Race Day Schedule:

Registration - 7:00am - 8:15am (runners must pick up their race number before 8:15am)

Elite Wave (Male Category) - 8:30am (likely anticipated finish times of 2:15 and below)

Elite Wave (Female Category) - 8:31am (likely anticipated finish times of 2:45 and below)

Wave 1 - 8:34am (likely anticipated finish times of 2:30 and below)

Wave 2 - 8:37am (likely anticipated finish times of 3:00 and below)

Wave 3 - 8:40am (likely anticipated finish times of 3:30 and below)

Wave 4 - 8:43am (likely anticipated finish times of 4:00 and below)

Wave 5 - 8:46am (likely anticipated finish times below cut-offs!)

2019 Race Rules:

1. All runners are required to carry water on them during the event.  Runners without water will be disqualified and asked to leave the course.

2. This is a cupless race, so bring a cup (or water bottle) to use for drinking at the start/finish and at aid stations along the course.  There will not be any cups available at the race.

3.  You will be placed into a wave start based on your anticipated finish time.  If you've run the Sisters Race before, please put your PR.  If you have not run the race before and are unsure about an anticipated finish time, we recommend taking your road half marathon time and adding 1 hour.  The course is not forgiving!

If you want to ensure you start in the same wave as a friend, please be sure to put the exact same Anticipated Finish Time.

3. Start time is at 8:30am.  All runners must check-in/register by 8:15am.

4. All runners must reach the turn-around by 2.5 hours (~11:20am) after starting or you will be removed from the race.  Runners must also reach the Summit House inbound by 3 hours (~11:50am) after starting or you will be removed from the race.  This is not meant to be pejorative, but rather helps ensures the safety of all on the course and helps make the race sustainable in the future.  [Note - if you anticipate struggling to finish within the time cut-offs, email the RD for consideration of an early start.  This will be granted on a case-by-case basis.]

5. Anyone under the age of 18 that is hoping to register must contact the race director (at racedirector@7sisterstrailrace.com) prior to registration as well as have a parent/guardian complete the waiver form on their behalf.    

Prizes will be given to:

Top 3 overall (M/F) [note - top 3 will be based on first 3 across the finish line - if you believe you could finish top 3 male/female, be sure to submit an appropriate Anticipated Finish Time with consideration to prior race results and the timing guidelines above] 

First runner in each age catagory: 19 & under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 and 60+ (M/F)

Please note that the event will be held rain, snow, or shine. Because the Seven Sisters Trail Race is a nonprofit fundraising event, registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable due to registrants' inability to participate or in the event of cancellation due to circumstances beyond the control of race organizers.