Molly Ockett Day -- Bethel, Maine's summer homecoming days for over 50 years -- hosted by Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce

Races hosted by the Bethel Outing Club -
New for 2018: chip timing (but not for Diaper Dash!)

NOTE WELL: The Bethel Outing Club is making registration for local students free! It aligns with its mission of providing access for all to people-powered sports. The more young people it can get involved in its activities, the better it will be for the organization and the world!  So if you are a student in MSAD44, Andover, Maine, or a local Gould Academy student, at check-out, use coupon code LOCALKID, and your entry is free. 

PARENTS OF LOCAL STUDENTS, NOTE WELL: Do not register paying racers (non-students) at the same time as your children that you want to use the coupon code for.  First complete registrations for paying racers. Then go back into runreg and enter your children (who are local students) and use the coupon code.

Parade, fireworks, food, arts, crafts, entertainment, fun!
Foot races are a tradition -- ask locals if they raced in the 1-mile when they were kids! 


See all details on all races here.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THESE RACES?  OR WANT TO VOLUNTEER?  Contact Sarah Southam207-824-3816  or 207-381-7309.