Molly Ockett Day -- Bethel, Maine's summer homecoming days for over 50 years -- hosted by Bethel Area Chamber of Commerce

Races hosted by the Bethel Outing Club -

New for 2018: chip timing (but not for Diaper Dash!)

NOTE WELL: The Bethel Outing Club is making registration for local students free! It aligns with its mission of providing access for all to people-powered sports. The more young people it can get involved in its activities, the better it will be for the organization and the world!  So if you are a student in MSAD44, Andover, Maine, or a local Gould Academy student, use coupon code LOCALKID, and your entry is free. 

Parade, fireworks, food, arts, crafts, entertainment, fun!
Foot races are a tradition -- ask locals if they raced in the 1-mile when they were kids! 


See all details on all races here.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THESE RACES?  OR WANT TO VOLUNTEER?  Contact Sarah Southam207-824-3816  or 207-381-7309.