1. Ron Hebert Race
  2. Daffodil Run
  3. Rabbit Run
  4. JCC Father’s Day
  5. Lake Wyola Race
  6. Summit Run
  7. Mug Race
  8. Don Maynard Race
  9. Covered Bridge Classic
  10. Chase’N A Mason 5K
  11. Clarkdale Cider
  12. Dan Barry Memorial Road Race
  13. Mt Toby Trail Run – plus others


What is it ?    a sampling of 15 fun and challenging road races. 
Where is it ?  across Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties.
When is it ?   beginning in April and going through November.
Why ?    Why not ???  Some of us run for the sake of competition, others just to participate.  Some of us enjoy the sportsmanship, some do it just for fun.  This series has been put together with all of us in mind, in the hopes that all of us will have a reason to give it a try. 

And if that is not enough, how about this ? 

And Finally – you can enter for a chance to win “Race for Free in 2017” – where the winner has all their entry fees reimbursed for the entire Series! 

For races and specific rules, see the Race Series menu on the SMAC website.

Sound tempting ?  Sign up now !