What is fell running?

Fell running, also known as mountain running and hill running, is the sport of running and racing off road, over upland country where the gradient climbed is a significant component of the difficulty.  The name arises from the origins of the English sport on the fells of northern Britain.  Fell races are organized on the premise that contenders possess mountain navigation skills and carry adequate survival equipment as prescribed by the organizer.  Modern fell running has common characteristics with cross country running. Courses are often longer, steeper, unmarked when out on the hills (with a few exceptions) and these longer races can demand mountain navigational techniques.  Nevertheless, cross country seems fast and furious to many fell runners.  Fell running also overlaps with orienteering.  Courses are again longer but demand different techniques from orienteering.  However, fell running does require navigational skills in a wild, mountainous environment, particularly in determining and choosing between routes.  [adapted from Wikipedia]


The Mt. Rosebrook Ascent will be an uphill only footrace starting at the Base Lodge and finishing at the summit of Mt. Rosebrook.  The race will count toward USATF-NE "Mountain Goat" status and award one (1) USATF-NE Mountain Circuit point to all finishers.  Details on distance and elevation gain coming soon.


The Bretton Woods Fell Race will have two different courses to choose from; Long Course and Short Course.  The Long Course will serve as the USATF-NE Mountain Circuit scoring event and will count toward USATF-NE "Mountain Goat" status.  The Short Course will also count toward USATF-NE "Mountain Goat" status and award one (1) USATF-NE Mountain Circuit point to all finishers.

Category: AM
Course: TBD
Distance: TBD miles (Long Course); TBD (Short Course)
Venue:  Bretton Woods Ski Area in the County of Coos
Grid reference:  USGS Mount Washington quad
Skills & experience: LK
Minimum age:  16


ER - Experience required
NS - Navigational Skills Required
LK - Local Knowledge an advantage
PM - Course Partially Marked

Description:  In an effort to accommodate more competitors we are offering two different courses.  The "short course" will race the first three check points (CPs); A, B, & C.  The total distance will be approximately TBD miles.  This course will be marked with our traditional trail running course markings.  The short course markings will be referred to as the "safe route".  It is not the most direct route from CP to CP but it is "safe" in that you can follow the flags and arrows.  If you choose to race the short course you may still take any route you prefer from CP to CP.  Completing the short course will make you eligible for "mountain goat status" but there are no overall finishers awards.  Short course finishers will, however, still be entered into the prize drawing following the long course finish.

The "long course" will include six (6) CPs placed throughout the Bretton Woods ski area.  You may choose any route you wish to travel between checkpoints.  The long course will also have a "safe route" marked.  Visit the event website for a Google Earth map and trail map.  You must visit all checkpoints in order.  Failure to do so will result in disqualification.  Course marshals will monitor some of the CPs.  Trail maps with the CPs and descriptions will be available on the morning of the race.  Any and all outside maps as well as GPS are permitted. 

Teams:  Score will consist of the Top 3 overall runners from each recognized USATF team in the following categories;

Men's Open
Women's Open
Men's 40+
Women's 40+

NOTE:  Please discuss with your team how your name should be entered.  For instance, "aR" and "acidotic RACING" will be scored as two different teams.  All teammates must standardize the name entry format.   

No transfers. Refunds up to September 24, 2017.