The Tour de Bosa start time is promply at 6:30AM.  

This year brings a couple changes to the TdB! First, there will be no need to sign up for donuts. Everyone will be offered a selection of past favorites at each stop. As always, LUX coffee and restrooms will be available at the start. We recommend that you allow yourself plenty of time to park and make your way to the Haüs front door, out on East 1st Avenue. 

This year is quite special as we are honored to announce a partnership with World Bicycle Relief.  This special organization mobilizes people in rural communities all over the world through the power of the bicycle. They are commited to helping people conquer the challange of distance, achieve independence, and thrive in a better, more productive and healthy life!  Please click HERE to donate and be a part of a worthy and exceptional cause! If you have a moment, check out the videos showcasing the great work they are doing, helping to mobilize people and support education.  

We are also including a chance to download the GPS Route for your Garmin!  The GPS link will provide an overview map, giving you a big picture of the stop locations.  

And once again this year, the Maricopa County Sheriff is providing escort for the ride! The escort will provide assistance in keeping the group together, while also preventing any possible traffic issues. All participants must follow all their directions and as always, stay alert while on the ride! The most important rule is to stay in the designated lane and do not take up multiple lanes. And of course, never, at any time, should anyone cross the middle lane! The streets will NOT be closed and all regular traffic, including oncoming cars, will continue as normal. This is much like a normal group ride, but more tasty! Please be safe and make sure you continue to follow all traffic laws while on the ride! We hope that the ride is a rewarding and delicious experience for everyone! We look forward to reuniting with friends and family as well as making new friends along the way! Thank you and see you at the 2018 Tour de Bosa!