2017 NCNCA Club Membership  -  All NCNCA Clubs MUST be current and in good standing USA Cycling Clubs.

The 2017 NCNCA Club Membership fee is $75 before January 1, 2017, $100 before February 1, and  $150 after February 1, 2017.  The membership period is from January 1 to December 31, 2017.

Clubs may join or renew their NCNCA membership at any time, however member benefits, including points for team competitions will accrue from the date online registration is completed.  No exceptions!

Member clubs are highly encouraged to provide volunteer support for an existing event or host at least one race per year.

Clubs with multiple teams are considered a single club from the perspective of payment and voting rights.  Please list any additional teams with their appropriate contact information in the fields supplied.  Reminder!  The NCNCA Points and Premier Series Team competition tracks each individual team, so dividing your club will cause points to follow the individual teams.

The monthly meeting of the NCNCA Board of Directors is open to the public and all interested parties are welcome to attend. Meetings are generally held on the third Monday of each month, but please check the NCNCA website to confirm dates, times and locations. Any amendment to the NCNCA Constitution shall be announced in advance and decided by vote of the member clubs. Each NCNCA Club receives one vote. Only listed delegates are eligible to vote. A written proxy from your club president filed with the NCNCA Secretary prior to a meeting entitles the proxy holder to vote at the meeting (in place of your named delegates). Only NCNCA Member clubs are eligible to earn  points for NCNCA TEAM competitions. NCNCA member clubs pay a $1 surcharge per rider on races promoted by the club to help support NCNCA programs.