These rides and stride are to have fun and raise money for Side by Side, a nonprofit that works to strengthen Prince George’s County elementary schools and their families.

Riders are expected to send 20 or more emails to solicit sponsor donations to Side by Side, with a goal of raising $409 (number of families Side by Side served during the last school year). Riders will be supplied a sample message to send family, friends and co-workers after they register.

The 30-mile ride will have two stations with beverages and quick-energy snacks. One of the stations has bathroom facilities.

The 14-mile ride will have one refreshment station.

The Stride is a lovely 1- to 2-mile nature walk starting at the National Wildlife Visitor Center, and passing through woods and along a lake. It's a great activity for families with school-age children. Upon completion of the stride, families also can enjoy a stop in the visitor center, with its exciting wildlife exhibits.

Those seeking a longer ride can add the 14-mile route onto their 30-mile route. Much of the 14-mile route covers different ground than the 30-mile route.

The rain date is Saturday, May 6.