This is for 2017 membership in the New England Randonneurs, Inc (NER) organization.

Members enjoy the knowledge they are helping the Randonneuring community in New England. Memberships are for the calendar year. Members receive discounts on events, free registration for the monthly P-12 Series, the ability to vote in NER elections, and other benefits. 

Details on NER Membership and our events can be found on the NER Website.

If you volunteered for an event in 2016 you are eligible for FREE 2017 membership! Volunteers from 2016 should register via a seperate BikeReg event page as sent by the NER Clerk. If you volunteered in 2016 and did not receive a coupon code, please contact NER volunteer coordinator Emily O'Brien before registering below. Volunteers from 2016 will also receive a coupon for a free NER season pass. 

Unlike previous years, membership is not a season pass for free events. If members wish to purchase a season pass they will receive a $10 discount. 


When registering you can also order closeout NER merchendise. These are brand new synthetic jerseys and vests that were made using the 2011 design. (2017 Wool Jerseys exspected to be on sale for pre-order in late winter, 2017.)

Sizes are extreamly limited -- only one or two remain in each size. All 2011 merchendise is being offered for $40 (FREE SHIPPING) which is a $35+ discount over the previous price. These are a great deal on some snappy looking clothes. 

When you join you can optionally add an alternative phone number and alternative emergency contact number. These numbers are only used in a rare event of a ride cancellation or emergency. We will not disclose any rider-provided information to anyone other then event volunteers for the purposes of running events. (BikeReg has their own policies. Riders registering by mail will have their information added to the BikeReg event page and BikeReg database.)