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Chip Timing
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Vintage Categories


GRAN FONDO! For 39 years the Tour of the Unknown Coast has been California's Toughest Century Ride and among the most beautiful rides anywhere. For 2017 we're stepping up our game and are making the TUC a Gran Fondo by bringing in RaceRite to provide chip timing. We'll have chip timing at the Dyerville (100 kilometer turnaround), at the base of the infamous "Wall" and at the finish for down to the fraction of a second computerized results. We'll also have medals for the top three men and women in each ride. 


VINTAGE CATEGORY: As we approach our 40th year we thought it would be cool to add a vintage category of the type that have become so popular around the world. Dust off your old bike, get your old kit out of mothballs and come out for a great day of riding. 
Vintage Bike Prizes: A special retro-look jersey will be awarded to the owner of the bike that our judges deem to be the most authentic 1986 or prior. We'll have some other cool goodies for second and third too. If you have a vintage kit to go with your bike wear it --- it will be part of the judging.
Vintage Ride Prizes: Vintage category riders will be timed seperately in the 100 mile, 100 kilometer and 50 mile rides. Medals to the top 3 in each ride and the fastest finisher in the 100-mile will be awarded a special retro-look jersey.

Vintage Bike Specifications
Frame: Must be steel or an aluminum or titanium model  (Vitus, Cannondale, Klein, Teledyne etc.) that was available in 1986 or prior. 
Shifting: Friction only, no index.
Pedals: Toe clips and straps or any clipless model available in 1986 or prior (Hinault Looks, Cinelli).
Brakes: Single pivot or old school center-pull, no modern dual pivot.
Handlebars: Steel or aluminum, no carbon fiber
Fork: Steel or aluminum, no carbon fiber.
Wheels: Aluminum or steel, no carbon fiber. No restriction on tires or cogs.
Other components: Everything else can be modern. Go ahead and use your favorite seat, tires, bar-tape, etc. But for the judging the more authentic the better.
Clothing: You can wear whatever you want but vintage riders are encouraged to go all out -- dig out your wool jersey, your crochet gloves etc. But please, no vintage helmets. Helmets are really only good for about 8-10 years, they get brittle after that.



ON SITE CHECK IN & REGISTRATION: Friday, May 19 from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in Bellotti Hall at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds, 1250 5th St., Ferndale.

RIDE DAY CHECK IN & REGISTRATION: We open registration and check-in at 6:00 am. Please note what time your ride starts and allow at least 1/2 hour to get through the line.

Humboldt County Fairgrounds
1250 – 5th Street
Ferndale, CA 95502
Additional Information

Online Registration Closes:
05/19/16 12 NOON

Registration Note:
You’ll still be able to enter in person the evening before and on the morning of the ride.

Tour of the Unknown Coast Gran Fondo 100 Mile Ride

Riders can expect to experience a variety of weather changes. Inland can be warm, while the higher altitudes can be cold, and the area along the ocean is usually windy. Riders should come prepared. At AW Way Park there is a full lunch provided: Water, fruit, bagels, sandwiches and cookies. This is a rain or shine ride. The cut-off for an official finish is 7:00pm. The final 20 mile of the route will be in partial darkness by 7:30pm. In the interest of safety any 100-mile participant that does not reach "The Wall" by 5:00 pm must agree to be brought in by the TUC Sag Wagon.

Personal Sag Wagons Not Allowed

Please do NOT bring a support vehicle/sag wagon. The additional congestion and pollution are not welcome! There will be ample support and food on the course. Bike mechanics will be available at the start and selected points on all courses. Having people follow you and support you is not necessary or appreciated.

General Information

Start Times

Directions to Ride Start

From California Hwy 101, take the Fernbridge/Ferndale exit. Cross Historic Fernbridge & drive through 3 miles of pastoral views to the beginning of Ferndale’s Main Street. When entering Ferndale turn right onto Van Ness St. & go 1/4 mile to the Start/Finish line at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds . The Fernbridge/Ferndale exit is located on Hwy 101 between the cities of Eureka & Fortuna.

NOTE: The 50-mile, 100-kilometer and 100-mile rides include the post ride BBQ meal catered by Blackberry Bramble

Note: The 10 and 20 mile rides DO NOT include the post ride meal. Meals will be available at our cost of $15.

Additional Event Information

Ride Includes

Additional Features:

Massage tents and raffle. Order your Raffle tickets now for a bike and other prizes! Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.


For Your Protection

Accident Reporting

All riders are required to report any type of accident or injury to a check point official or radio person. You are responsible for your own medical insurance. Read the Release/Waiver form.

Food & Water

Will be provided for all riders. Major food stops will be at Immortal Tree and A.W. Way Park. There will be some food and water at all Rest Stops and Aid Stations.

Food & Snacks at Rest Stops & Turn Arounds

Fruit (apples, bananas, oranges), Cookies, Bagels (with cream cheese or peanut butter & jelly), Sandwiches, Beverages, Hammer Heed Drink Mix (fruit, cookies and beverages only at 10 & 20 mile Rest Stops).


Remember this is a beautiful scenic ride, please NO Litter. Keep your food wrappers in your pocket.


Patches will be awarded to all riders upon completion of their ride at the Fairgrounds. Our tradition is to give patches to finishers only.